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Ste. Agathe Historical Society

Ste. Agathe Historical Society Facts

The Pelletier-Marquis house, which the Ste. Agathe Historical Society maintains and operates out of, has been dated to 1854. The Historical Society acquired the house in 1978.

The Historical Society maintains an assortment of photographs, mainly of which depict family life in the St. John Valley from the late 19th to mid 20th centuries. Religious and education artifacts exist from the same time, and farming tools and machines of the period finish out the collection.

The Pelletier-Marquis House is also furnished to present a glimpse into rural, working-class, family life of the late 1800s.

The Ste. Agathe Historical Society maintains the Pelletier-Marquis House. Built in 1854, records show that at least during its early years of occupation, no less than two families lived in the house at all times. Unusual in that most other preserved historic houses were the exception in their grandeur, The Pelletier House has been described as a remarkable surviving example of what a more average rural life may have resembled.

"Humble in appearance, its original site, rock foundation, low ceilings, buckwheat hull insulation, wide floor boards, and square-headed nails make this a unique historical structure."

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